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Welcome Home


"In The Arms Of An Angel"

"First Year Anniversary Gathering"

We are all here today because we have one thing in common, we all loved Josh! Although some of us had the pleasure of having Josh in our lives longer, we all miss him dearly. I am truly amazed by how many lives Josh touched. I knew Josh was special, I just didn't realize how many other people knew! Thank you all for being here. I can't begin to thank all the people who have been here for us. Our families for one, without their strength and support we could not have made it. Thank you to my parents from the bottom of my heart! You never hesitated from the beginning to be here for Josh and myself. You took us in and helped raise Josh like he was your own child, all because you loved us so much. Please know that I knew it and so did Josh. Thank you to my brothers and sister. You guys have been my strength. Josh loved you all. To my friends, without you I could not have functioned. Cindy, Terry, Angie and many more. To Josh's friends, WOW, what can I say. You guys are really special. I can see why Josh liked you so much. You have been, and continue to be, here for us. To my husband Joe and my son Anthony, without you two I would not be here. You are my reason for living. If wealth were measured by friendship, we would be the richest people on earth!
Thank You

MaMa Lees

More loving thoughts from:

MaMa Lees
When I think of you, I see that beautiful smile...It really helps for awhile...Then it comes crashing in again...The day your life came to an end...It puts me on my knee's when I see I buried you...You should have buried me...How can I ever begin to go on?...The one I loved so much is gone...I guess I can do it because I know one thing...The love we shared was truly amazing...I know one day when God calls to me...You'll be the first person I will see...And when I look up the first thing I'll see...Is your beautiful smile looking back at me...

Gram & Pa

Every minute of every hour of every day, you are missed. Love does not die but lives on through eternity. We both still can feel your last strong hug. Your last "I love you Gram, I love you Pa." Memories will hold our broken hearts together until we meet again.

The Three JT's - Best Buddy Cousins

They were so young, happy and carefree...Josh was #1, Jen was #2, and JB #3...They laughed, played, loved one another...Close as any sister, close as any brother...There wasn't anything they didn't do together...Outside in the sunshine, or in because of weather....Batman, Wrestlemania, and Kung Foo chopping...The fun these 3 enjoyed, there was no stopping...Trick or Treat, Santa, and Tennessee vacation...Watching them a "tubin" was quite a celebration...The fun and joy they shared, their minds shall never part...These 3 JT's will forever keep those memories in their heart...

The Look Alikes

Josh and Duke, they were quite a twosome on earth. Is it any wonder that Duke couldn't remain with his best friend gone! Read about Duke's amazing departure/return, click on: "Dukes Story"

The Sun Bathers
Tiffany and Josh, they were the light in each others eyes. So young, so in love, so much happiness, so many dreams for their future. Now Tiffany lives with only her memories.









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